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As the student medical insurance component of UnitedHealthcare Global, CMI is a part of the comprehensive solution for protecting your international travelers. You can call us for help with non-medical emergencies, too, such as violent protests, civil unrests, and terrorist attacks. When you combine medical assistance, security assistance and online intelligence, your travelers can be fully protected for the variety of situations they may face abroad.

We know that each organization has different needs. Use the links below to learn about the programs UnitedHealthcare Global can offer to your organization. Contact us for a price quote.



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Mysterious Illness in Paris

When a 21-year-old student in Paris became increasingly ill with a mysterious disease, CMI's parent company, UnitedHealthcare Global, worked with the student's father, treating physicians, and school administrator. The young man's father was flown to France to be with his son, and after many diagnostic tests, physicians decided that it was better for the student to return home for long-term care. UnitedHealthcare Global arranged transportation on a stretcher flight, and the student recovered in the familiar surroundings of his own home with family nearby.