Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

Anytime you travel, it's good to know you have someone to call for help - whether you've lost your passport or need a legal referral. All CMI products are backed by the UnitedHealthcare Global travel assistance services.

Travel Assistance Services

  • Pre-travel Information - Upon request, UnitedHealthcare Global will provide destination information covering weather, currency, and culture.
  • Emergency Travel Arrangements - In the event of an illness or injury, UnitedHealthcare Global will make new reservations for airlines, hotels, and other travel services as needed.
  • Transfer of Funds - Upon security funds from the traveler or their family, UnitedHealthcare Global will provide an emergency cash advance to the traveler.
  • Assist in the Replacement of Lost or Stolen Travel Documents - Travelers can contact UnitedHealthcare Global for assistance in replacing passports, tickets, and other important travel documents.
  • Legal Referrals - Should a traveler require legal assistance, UnitedHealthcare Global will direct them to an attorney and assist in securing a bail bond.
  • Translation Services - In an emergency, UnitedHealthcare Global can provide immediate translation services in a variety of languages. We can also provide referrals to local interpretation services.
  • Message Transmittals - Travelers may send and receive emergency messages through UnitedHealthcare Global.

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Lyme Disease in China

When a young man was in China, he developed symptoms of Lyme Disease. His mother contacted CMI for a hospital referral. The UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance Emergency Response Center recommended a nearby hospital, which is a credentialed UnitedHealthcare Global Center of Excellence. The local physicians put him on antibiotics and the young man began to feel better. UnitedHealthcare Global continued to follow the case until the young man no longer needed our assistance.