"Being in a foreign country where you feel somewhat vulnerable can be difficult and your team really helped us....I am glad that you were the ones dealing with my difficult situation."

- S.W., Ontario

The Global Network

When you are covered by CMI, you are protected by the UnitedHealthcare Global proprietary global network of 59,000 providers and resources, accessible by calling the numbers on your ID card. The key components of the network are listed below.

Physician Advisors (PAs)

The Physician Advisor team oversees all medical cases and emergency medical evacuations, consulting with local doctors and hospitals and determining appropriate plans of treatment. This team is available 24/7, represents more than 40 medical specialties, and can communicate physician-to-physician in more than 35 different languages.

Medical Centers of Excellence

A Center of Excellence is a hospital that has met UnitedHealthcare Global's rigorous protocols and has the greatest diagnostic and treatment capabilities in the region. If you need to be evacuated for a medical reason, you will be taken to a Center of Excellence. UnitedHealthcare Global personally visits these hospitals and examines each facility's departmental procedures, diagnostic equipment, staff training, environmental hygiene, language capabilities, and ability to treat foreign travelers.

Approved Air Ambulances

Our global network contains the "best of the best" emergency aviation companies around the world, which gives us access to hundreds of aircraft. In an emergency, we can quickly select the closest and most appropriate aircraft to move you. We credential and visit each Air Ambulance provider, reviewing their technology, personnel, aircraft, safety records, etc.

Security Professionals

Our security providers are available to group clients who use UnitedHealthcare Global products (see the Administrator section). We call on them for local transportation assistance, trained security drivers, personal protection details, aircraft security, risk assessments, training and planning. In addition, we have on-the-ground agents strategically located around the world. These agents serve as direct representatives of UnitedHealthcare Global and can personally meet and assist you during times of crisis.

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Appendicitis in China

A 16-year-old student in Beijing was admitted to a local hospital for an emergency appendectomy. However, the hospital would not perform the surgery without a guarantee of payment. The woman's family contacted CMI for assistance. CMI issued a guarantee of payment while the UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance Emergency Response Center monitored the woman's treatment, and helped arrange for her parents to come visit. Several days later, the woman was discharged from the hospital and able to recover with her parents nearby.