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Security Evacuations and Assistance

Security Evacuations and Assistance

No matter where you travel, you should be concerned about security and political emergencies. Unexpected terrorist attacks, coup d'états, and military actions have left many travelers stranded in foreign countries with no means of coping or getting to safety. As a part of UnitedHealthcare Global, CMI is able to offer all group clients the opportunity to purchase security assistance and evacuation services.

Specific elements vary with each program. Please refer to your program's description of coverage for complete details.

Security Evacuation Services

  • Paid Security Evacuation - In the event of an Emergency Security Situation, we will arrange for evacuation from an international airport or other safe departure point to the nearest safe haven. Depending on your program, we may pay for your evacuation, and/or assist with the arrangement of ground transportation.
  • Paid Political Evacuation - In the event the officials of your home country issue a written recommendation that you leave your destination for non-medical reasons, or if you are expelled or declared a "persona non grata," we will arrange for your evacuation from an international airport or other safe departure point to the nearest safe haven.
  • Paid Transportation After Security or Political Evacuation - Following a security or political evacuation and when safety allows, we will coordinate airfare to either your home country or original location.


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Political Unrest in Honduras

While volunteering at an Honduran orphanage, a young woman became caught in political instability. Unsure of what to do, she called UnitedHealthcare Global for help. The team of UnitedHealthcare Global security analysts evaluated the situation, and assured the woman she would be safe at the orphanage. However, the frightened woman desperately wanted to return home, so UnitedHealthcare Global arranged safe passage to the airport. Soon, the woman was safely in her hometown in the United States.