"We want to deeply and sincerely thank all of you for your assistance, planning, and work through three hospitals, one clinic, eight ground ambulances, four medical stretcher flights, eight doctors and many other uncounted challenges."

- P.R., Montana

Medical Evacuations and Assistance

Medical Evacuations and Assistance

When you travel abroad, you need more than international medical insurance. You need to know where to seek quality medical care and how to find better care if needed. Fortunately, all CMI products are backed by UnitedHealthcare Global medical evacuation and assistance services.

Specific elements vary with each program. Please refer to your program's description of coverage for complete details.

Medical Evacuation Services

  • Paid Emergency Medical Evacuations - If you are injured or become ill and adequate medical care is not available, we will arrange for a medically supervised evacuation to the nearest facility capable of providing treatment.
  • Paid Transportation to Join a Hospitalized Member - If you are alone and hospitalized, we will coordinate for a family member to join you.
  • Paid Return of Dependent Children - If children are left unattended due a medical emergency, we will coordinate and pay for their return home, accompanied by a qualified escort if necessary.
  • Paid Transportation After Stabilization - Following an emergency medical evacuation and stabilization, we will coordinate for you to return to your point of origin or your home country.
  • Paid Repatriation of Mortal Remains - Should you pass away while away from home, we will arrange for your remains to be returned to your home country.

Medical Assistance Services

  • Worldwide Medical and Dental Referrals - We will provide referrals to help you locate appropriate treatment or care.
  • Monitoring of Treatment - When you use our services during a medical situation, we will continually monitor your case until you are either healthy or transferred to your home hospital. Our Medical Director, Nurse Managers and Physician Advisors review and analyze each situation to ensure the quality of care.
  • Facilitation of Hospital Payment - Upon securing payment or a guarantee to reimburse from your insurance provider, we will coordinate payment to the treating facility.
  • Transfer of Insurance Information to Medical Providers - We will assist with hospital admission to help prevent delays or denials of medical care.
  • Coordination of Medication, Vaccine and Blood Transfers - In the event medication, vaccines, or blood products are not locally available, or a prescription medication is lost or stolen, we will coordinate the transfer to you.
  • Assist in the Replacement of Corrective Lenses and Medical Devices - We will arrange for the replacement of corrective lenses or medical devices if they are lost, stolen or broken during travel.
  • Dispatch of Doctors and Specialists - In an emergency where you cannot be adequately assessed by telephone for possible evacuation and local treatment is not available, we will send an appropriate medical practitioner to you.
  • Medical Records Transfer - With consent, we will transfer medical information and records to your or your treating physician.
  • Continuous Updates to Family, Employer, Home Physician - With consent, we will notify appropriate individuals of the situation, in order to keep them informed.
  • Hotel Arrangements for Convalescence - We will assist you with hotel stays and room requirements before or after hospitalization.


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Paralysis in India

A professor's son was traveling in India when he fell from a mountain bike and was admitted to a nearby hospital with spinal injuries. UnitedHealthcare Global was called for help, and UnitedHealthcare Global Physician Advisors quickly realized that the man was paralyzed. After assuring his stability, UnitedHealthcare Global knew that it was critical that for the man to return home for long-term treatment. UnitedHealthcare Global's travel experts began to make flight arrangements from India to the United States. Soon, the man was home with his family and receiving care at his home hospital.